Eco Block Range

We have taken ahead our crusade for green building materials with a range of Eco Blocks- products that are more sensitive to the question of environment sustainability, economic viability and technical superiority.

Eco blocks contain 70 to 90% recycled raw materials such as fly ash, construction-demolition waste, and industrial waste such as lime sludge. Our goal is to utilize above waste to the scale of 300 tons per day by Jan 2012.

Takes advantage of pozzolonic properties of waste such as fly ash and surkhi.

Eco blocks use composite construction waste available from demolition or construction site. We mainly concentrate on masonry and concrete waste that are inert in nature or have pozzolonic properties. Fortunately other components of waste like steel, wood OR plastics are segregated at source itself. However remaining deleterious wastes are screened or hand picked at our processing facility.

We aim at using recycled resources so that pressure on sand and other aggregate mining reduces.

The properties of recycled aggregates vary according to its sources and main aspects are density, material strength and water absorption. However mix design is adjusted to take minor variations as well as take advantage of its inherent properties. For example higher water absorption helps in producing self curing concrete. We have also tested self compacting concrete with these aggregates.

Laboratory test results indicate a Target strength ranging from M7.5 to M30 depending on the type of product.

Unlike the burnt clay brick, which does not confirm to a uniform shape, size and finish and use up fertile agriculture soil, Eco blocks are machine moulded to achieve a consistently smooth finish on both sides and a uniform shape and size.

These blocks break the monotony of bricks and offer a unique building material in wide range of sizes that give liberty to design with a difference.

Almost all our products i.e. Bricks, Blocks, Hollow Blocks, Curbs, Pavers and special blocks are made under this range.

Fly Ash Bricks

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Recycled Red Bricks

Made using up to 90% recycled material like brick kiln waste, roofing..

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